Digital Readiness Assessment

An assessment of the institutions’ readiness for digital transformation is assessed. This is undertaken through a review of: (i) the digital strategy, if there is one; (ii) current distribution channels; (iii) product development capacity; (iv) risk management function;
(v) HR function; and (vi) IT infrastructure.

Digital Strategy Formulation

Working with senior management and the board of directors to formulate a digital transformation strategy aligned with the business strategy.


Aligning business goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strategy Implementation

Assisting senior management and the project team implement the digital transformation strategy as per the implementation roadmap that is developed.


Conducting workshops for institutional “buy-in” for the Digital Transformation; conducting change management workshops for senior management and other employees; and conducting workhsops for ESG and SDG capacity building.

All our services are bespoke and are tailored to the requirements of the specific institution. These services are tailored in consultation with and implemented together with the institution itself to ensure ownership and commitment.

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