Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide high quality niche advisory services to banks and other financial institutions for digital transformation and adherence to sustainability principles by responsibly leveraging technology.


Our vision is to see technology being leveraged with responsibility to deliver banking and finance services more efficiently to ensure maximum financial inclusion. We envision a world where companies will adhere to principles of sustainable development and ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are protected. We believe that appropriate use of technology can assist in achieving this vision.

Tech Platforms is a boutique advisory services firm assisting banks and other financial institutions along their digital transformation journey. The firm also provides advisory services in the area of sustainability and builds an understanding within companies on how to align business goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, disruption within the financial sector has compelled banks and other financial institutions to move away from legacy systems and legacy ways of doing business to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Institutions are now realizing that their business model needs to be customer-centric to be sustainable and that leveraging technology responsibly is the only way this can be ensured. With a growing awareness about sustainability issues within the corporate world and civil society, companies are now compelled to adhere to ESG standards. However, it is often difficult for senior management to formulate tech-driven sustainable growth strategies on their own and seek advice on how to move forward. This is where Tech Platforms assists companies globally.

With a team of banking, technology, and sustainability experts Tech Platforms helps banks and financial institutions strategize their digital transformation journey and recommends how best to leverage technology to create a more efficient business model that focuses on meeting client needs. Our experts work together with the client’s leadership and project teams on key issues, such as technology platforms, big data analytics, cloud, and cybersecurity to ensure that the digital transformation journey is carried out in a seamless manner, and prioritized and aligned with the business objectives, which in turn are aligned with SDGs. Together we identify key issues and readiness for digitalization and provide actionable recommendations to be implemented in accordance with a road map that is mutually developed.

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